• Art Applications for the IPad to use at home and in the Classroom.
    Van Gogh Van Gogh and the Sunflowers- This is an excellent story that is based on actual events to teach students the powerful message of tolerance and compassion for those who may appear different, and who march to a different drummer.   The text is empathetic and complemented by the expressive watercolor illustrations, and includes reproductions of some of van Gogh's most famous paintings. 
    -Art history: the ten paintings in the story can be viewed in a virtual museum, with detailed descriptions for each
    -Introduction to basic animation: the armature game included in several pages gives kids a “behind the scenes” look at how the animation is being powered.
    -Mechanical / spatial reasoning: The armature game also encourages spatial reasoning skills by asking kids to put the gears/pieces back together within a specified time. 
    -ACCEPTANCE OF DIVERSITY: the mysterious painter is taunted by others in the village. This can be a discussion point with your child about accepting those who may appear to be “different”. 

    Paper 53 Paper 53- This is a great app that allows you to draw and paint as if you were working write on a canvas.  It's user friendly and it allows you to save your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings.  It is sensitive to touch and allows you to blend colors and use drawing tools that you would have at your fingertips.  The custom ink reacts to your movements to optimize each tool without fussing with settings for great handwriting, beautiful coloring, and sketching.  This is a great app to let your child's creativity soar!

    Animator Animator- Is the easiest flip book and stop-motion app for kids to use.  Animator helps kids create animations of any kind and provides all the tools that you need to bring your imagination to life!
    Art Set Art Set- This app is very unique and allows students to have an entire virtual art set right at their fingertips.  From pencils, to paint that can be applied with different thicknesses when using different pressure of your fingertip, this app is amazing for students to explore different art medium in this virtual setting.
    Art Museum Art Museum- Is a timeline that brings to life the paintings of Masters as Botticelli, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Monet, Courbet, Klimt, and 73 others with a eye catching and easy to navigate format.  It helps students view the work and provides the title, year of completion, actual dimensions, artists current gallery location etc.  This app also includes a brief artist synopsis of their life and work.  Overall this app is a wealth of knowledge!
    Doodle Buddy Doodle Buddy- Is a fun filled app that allows kids to fingerprint as well as incorporate fun stamps with a touch of their fingertips.  
    Puppet Pals Puppet Pals-This app allows students to use their creativity in a fun and innovative way!  Puppet Pals is a puppeteer activity that uses voicing characters which students move and record voices to create their own movie.  Students can share their own stories for book reports, family vacations, or simply for fun!
    Glogster Glogster- Is multimedia fun with browsing the glogster visual network in your hand.  A glog is a visual poster creation, or a "graphic blog + creativity".  Students can be inspired by the thousands of different glogs to gain inspire their own creations.
    Capture Capture- This App allows students to touch up pictures or video with color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks.  This app is a lot of fun and encourages students to change images and video to link with their own style.
    Draw Free Draw Free- This app inspires students to create beautiful drawings and paintings.  This is a user friendly app which kids and adults love to use!

    Glow Draw Glow Draw- This app is all about fun!  Kids can practice their drawing skills while watching them glow!!!  
    Strip Design Strip Design- Students can create their own personal comic strips by using their own photos.  This program has several included templates for students to use.  They insert their photos into cells and fill each bubble with their own words.  This app can be used from K to 4th using simple layouts to changes in font, symbols, and even your own paintings!
    Stop Motion Stop Motion- Is an amazing app that allows students to create their own stop motion video by using their own pictures and ideas.  Students push themselves as thinkers to create individual stories that utilize what is at their fingertips.
    Video Star Video Star- This app allows students to be the star!  They can use video and music to tell their story.  There are hundreds of built-in-effects to make their video unique.  Students can act along with "clones" of themselves, and make awesome stop motion and green screen effects. It's user friendly and as easy as selecting a song, and start recording!   
    Magic Painter Magic Painter- This app is another easy way for students to experiment with different drawing and painting tools with freedom to be risk takers when creating their masterpieces!  It's a fun and easy app that helps strengthen students drawing skills.
    Art ABC ART  ABC-  Helps teach students the names of each letter in the alphabet while enjoying fine art backgrounds from Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Rousseau.  This app teaches students the alphabet in an entertaining, engaging, and beautifully illustrated manner.  The app is interactive and has four goals.
    *Teach children the names of each letter of the alphabet 
    *Introduce the association between written letter and sound 
    *Provide children with early exposure to fine arts 
    *Provide parents with a teaching tool and a fun, educational break for their children!
    IMovie IMovie- Students can shine by making beautiful HD movies that tell a story for any purpose! This is a fast and fun moviemaking app that puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips. 
     This App is made for Multi-Touch
    • Tap to add video, photos, music, and sound effects
    • Drag to trim the length of any clip
    • Pinch to zoom the timeline
    • Swipe down on the playhead to split a clip; swipe up to freeze a frame
    • On iPad, pinch vertically to open the Precision Editor