• Technology and Reading

    Download free word games on your ipad, ipod, or iphone and boost your child’s vocabulary and spelling skills!

    Quordy, Scrabble, Hooked on Words, Boggle, What’s the Word?, 4 Pics 1 Word, Word Search +, Chain of Thought, Letris 2: Word Puzzle Game, Hangman, Pictoword: 2 Pics, What’s the 1 Word?,


    Great Websites that require READING:

                ­Sports Fans- espn.com

                -There are a ton of great sports articles. Rather than watching it on TV, read about your favorite               sport or team.          

                -If you need more structure, read an article about a different sport each day. 

                -Need some motivation? Read an article, then watch the sports video on-line.


                Food Lovers- foodnetwork.com

                -Choose 3 recipes, read the ingredients and steps and make 1 dinner.

                -Choose 3 recipes and make all three and have a taste test to see which recipe tastes the best!

                -Don’t want to cook?

                -Click on the Shows tab and read about your favorite Food Network show or read blogs from                contestants.

                -Click on the Restaurant tab and research different restaurants and plan a pretend trip!


                Interested in Video Games?

                -Go to gamefacts.com and read about different video games before you play  or purchase a new                         game.


                Science Fan?

                -National Geographic has an excellent website with articles, images and even a tab devoted to kids.                  www.nationalgeographic.com


                History Buff?

                -historychannel.com is a great website for reading. There is a tab for “Today in history” as well as                many historical articles.


                General Websites?

                -Kidsites.com is a great search engine for kids. This website has many categories that lead kids and               parents to many informational websites.