• Weekly Word Work Lists
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    Word Work
    Our weekly word lists are comprised of phonetic words (words based on a phonetic pattern we've learned during the week), phonetic application words ("surprise" words in which students are required to apply the phonetic pattern of the week), review words (words in which students are required to apply the phonetic pattern from the previous week's word list), sight words, and a dictation sentence
    Our weekly word list will come home on Monday with students. This list will provide the four phonetic words and two sight words to study for the week. There will be four "surprise" words each week, as well. These words will be unknown to the students ahead of time, but will require them to apply the phonetic pattern we've been studying on the test. The review words will be two words from the previous week's word list (however, those will also remain a "surprise" until the test) - this ensures students are remembering and applying previously learned phonics patterns. Each word work test will be comprised of 12 words in all (four phonetic words, four phonetic application words, two review words, and two sight words).  
    The word work lists below are the words that will be coming home at the beginning of each week. The sight words are written in red.   
    1st Quarter 
    Week 1 (Practice Week): spit, dig, tip, spot, got, stop, the, of
    Week 2: bat, can, snug, tags, are, one
    Week 3: get, pest, wet, bend, anywas
    Week 4: cake, stole, gate, hope, twowho
    Week 5: slide, cute, wide, use, havemove
    Week 6 Review Week: Review of short & long vowels studied thus far givecome
    Week 7: star, start, sport, fork, verygone
    Week 8: perk, shirt, third, fern, somethey
    Week 9: hurt, burst, turn, burn, whatyour
    2nd Quarter
    Week 10 Review Week: Review of r-controlled vowels studied thus far many, said
    Week 11: tray, paid, clay, rain, does, when 
    Week 12: care, chair, scare, pair, oncewere
    Week 13: see, tea, neat, need, eye, sure 
    Week 14: head, leather, heard, learn, where, their
    Week 15: deer, fear, cheer, year, should, friend
    Week 16 Review Week: Review of vowel teams and r-controlled vowels above, water
    Week 17: toast, goat, throw, glow, idea, giant
    Week 18: brown, clown, found, south, whose, young
    3rd Quarter 
    Week 19: join, spoil, enjoy, toy, great, climb
    Week 20:  school, tooth, book, wood, build, laugh
    Week 21 Review Week: Review of vowel teams & digraphs behind, sugar
    Week 22: why, try, pretty, hurry, enough, guess
    Week 23: mind, child, light, sigh, because, beauty
    Week 24: blue, fuel, drew, crew, machine, through
    Week 25: daughter, crawl, lawn, naughty, neighbor, believe
    Week 26 Review Week: Review of long vowels & digraphs  off, people
    Week 27: quick, square, knee, knew, right, school
    Week 28: phone, dolphin, which, whale, pretty, too
    Week 29: race, dance, city, circus, pull, won't
    Week 30: edge, ridge, giant, imagine, don't, cold 
    4th Quarter
    Week 31 Review Week: Review of silent letters, digraphs, and soft c/g buy, write
    Week 32: picture, nature, nation, fiction, goes, knew
    Week 33: riddle, battle, wiggle, juggle, phone, house
    Week 34: pour, course, roar, board, little, been
    Week 35: write, wrap, climb, thumb, they're, would
    Week 36: pie, tie, goalie, field, caught, favorite
    Week 37 Review Week: Review of suffixes, double consonants, r-controlled, silent letters, and long "e" spelled "ie" beautiful, writing