• Math Fact Fluency
    Fact fluency is one component of our 4th grade math curriculum that focuses on building fluency with basic math facts. Your child's ability to master basic math facts will greatly help him/her with more complex math problems and concepts! Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes each day mastering math facts.
    XtraMath is one way your child can practice math facts. The program assess each child to determine his/her level of mastery and instructional focus. The children will use this program at school and can access the program at home! Visit the classroom links page to go directly to our class's login page for XtraMath.
    Below are links to practice pages found by Mrs. Dominick!

    Addition Facts
    Practice Link

    Subtraction Facts
    Practice Link

    Multiplication Facts
    Practice Link

    Division Facts
    Practice Link

    Math Fact Online Games:
    That's a Fact!