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    The link below provides a three-minute video introduction to Raz-Kids:

          Are you looking for some fun reading practice activities for your child? Then, please log on to this wonderful website at home!  We utilize this Raz-Kids website in school, but there is always plenty more that can be used at home.
          I have assigned your child online books to read at his/her instructional reading level.  Many books include the activities listed below that are meant to be done in the following order.

    1) Select one of the books.
    2) Click the "ear" icon to listen to the book be read aloud. Follow the highlighted print as the words are read.
    3) Click the "eye" icon to read the book to yourself.
    4) Take the comprehension quiz after completing all the above activities. If your child does not master the quiz, the program will force him/her to go back to the previous activities until he/she demonstrates success on the quiz.
    5) Then, select another book and complete the activities again.
    Happy Reading!
    *** Parents--You can also keep track of your child's progress on this site! Have your child log in, then click "Parents" at the top right corner. You'll need to register your email address (free) to gain access to your child's progress.