• Evaluating Web Sites 

    Be a cautious information consumer...Ask these questions to evaluate web sites:

    Finding Credible & Relevant Internet Resources

    Evaluate your sources!

     Evaluate your website sources.  Check off what your site has and aim for as many checks as possible.

    _______ Look at the URL or website address.  Is it a .gov, .edu, .com, .biz, .org?  Does the URL affect the quality and credibility of the information?

    _______ Is the author’s name visible?

    _______ Does the author list his/her credentials?  Are the credentials relevant to the information on the page?


    _______ Is there a mailing address, an email address, or telephone number included to contact the author?


    _______ Is there a way to email or contact the webmaster to ask about the site’s content?

    _______ Is there an ABOUT US link that tells you about the site/organization/company?

    _______ Is there a “contact us” page?

    _______ Are dates provided for the last update or modifications?

    _______ Are the external links on the page current and functional?

    _______ Is the site easy to navigate with the option to return to the home page?

    _______ Is the site searchable?

    _______ Is there a site map or index?

    _______ Is the page information and/or statistics cited?  Is a bibliography included?

    _______ Is the cite neutral—no particular or one point of view?  Is there an objective approach to the information presented?  (Beware of BLOG sites!  They can be biased and opinion oriented!) Check the author’s credentials.

     _______ Is there a conflict of interest?

    _______ Are there advertisements on the page?  Are they related to the information presented?  Beware of excessive, irrelevant advertisements on the page.

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