• Permits
    Thank you for choosing USC School District for your facility needs. We allow rental of our classrooms, gyms, nutrition centers, fields and High School and Boyce theatres.
    Please note that all permit holders must follow the terms and conditions required by the school district. Those are available for viewing by clicking here.
    A copy of your current insurance certificate is required for use of the district theatres and athletic areas as described in Item 21 of the Terms & Conditions.
    To request the use of any facility ...
    1.  Download the Permit Request Form by clicking here. When you have completed the paperwork, return it to the Central Office Administrative Offices c/o Karen Huckestein.form1
    2.  Submit the Permit Request electronically online by clicking here.
         (Click the upper right Log in to sign in or to sign up.)
    3.  If you are USC Faculty, please work with your Head Secretary for securing areas during and after school hours.
    To avoid delays in processing your request, please complete all sections of the application. Give specific and clear choices where required - “any” or “flexible” are not acceptable choices.
    • A two week notice is required for permits.
    • You must have your permit with you when using the district facilities.
    • Setups must be submitted two weeks in advance and abide by fire marshal regulations (see setup page).
    • Security fee may be added at the district’s discretion.
    NOTE:  The school district may cancel a permit due to an unscheduled or rescheduled event.