• What: American Choral Directors Association Mucho Macho Festival for Boys Grades 6-9
    When: Friday, November 8th 
    Where: South Fayette HS
    Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm (Concert at 3:00pm)  

    Guest Conductor: Dustin Cates - Temple University


    Mucho Macho Music Festival - Friday, November 8th

    The idea started during a conversation in the spring of 2004 when ACDA-PA Southwest Region Chair Lisa Jaworowski and Youth & Student Activities Repertoire & Standards Chair Dr. Robin Lind were discussing the needs of the students and directors in the Southwest Pennsylvania region.  What came of the discussion was that while there are many opportunities for senior high school students to perform at festivals, as well as junior high honor choirs, and elementary song fests, there wasn't anything in our area that specifically addressed the needs of the most daunting of times in a singing boy's life - the voice change.

    After a little bit of research, it was discovered that other regions in the state were beginning to see this need as well, and had organized some workshops and festivals for young men.  Modeling some of what is done each year at the Mansfield University young men's festival led by former ACDA-PA president Dr. Peggy Dettwiler, the beginnings of what is now known as the "Mucho Macho Music" festival took form.

    Over the past 10 years, the festival has brought together as many as 175 singers in grades 6-9 from all across the Southwest Region to join in a day of music and confidence-building during the most uncertain time of vocal change.
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