Reading: Balanced Literacy Approach to Literacy

    Literacy Centers and novel groups are on-going.

    Good Reader Comprehension Strategies: Making Connections, Questioning, Inferring, Determining Important Information, Visualizing, Synthesizing~

    Skills (Broken into 1st Semester and 2nd Semester):

    1st Semester: Understanding Sentences/End Punctuation, Run-On Sentences, Combining Sentences, Sentence Fragments, Identifying Subject and Predicate of a Sentence, Understanding Nouns-Common, Proper, Plural, Possessive Nouns, Multiple Meaning Words, Context Clues, Commas in a Series, Commas in Dates and Addresses, Identifying Topic and Main Idea of a Paragraph, Story Details in Sequence~

    2nd Semester: Identifying and using adjectives, Adjectives that Compare, Using the Dictionary and Glossary, Homophones, Prefixes, Suffixes, Identifying and using Pronouns, Pronouns after action verbs, Possessive Pronouns, Using the Pronouns "I and ME", Author's Purpose, Skim\\\\Scan, Paraphrasing and Note-Taking, Using the Table of Contents and Index, Understanding a Bibliography, Fact and Opinion, Using Commas Correctly in Apposition, Using Commas in Direct Address, Correctly punctuating "YES and NO", Correctly punctuating abbreviations, Locating information in a newspaper and writing newspaper articles~

    Lessons 1-36 in our text and correctly applying the conventional spelling of these words and our spelling rules to our daily work.

    Math: Keep practicing those facts, we'll need them this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Graphing, Place Value, and Time

    Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

    Multiplication and Division Concepts

    Multiplying by 1-digit Factors

    Multiplying by 2-digit Factors

    Long Division

    Geometry Concepts

    Fractions and Units of Measurement


    Science: Our Science Units are divided into trimester units.

    1st Trimester: Have to Have a Habitat

    In our 1st Science Unit, Animal Studies, the students will delve into animal habitats from around the globe! We will focus on animals' physical and behavioral adaptations, for their environment and climate. We will have live animals in the classroom, so that we can observe their behaviors and body structures! The students will be thrilled to learn that our class animals will be adopted at the end of this unit to loving and capable homes! This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to apply their knowledge of animals.

    An additional component to our science work this trimester will be our IB unit of inquiry, "What's Up, Doc?"

    2nd Trimester:
    Zap! Power and Energy

    Throughout this unit, the students will expand and refine their conceptual understanding of electricity's role within our society and world. We will focus on the flow of energy within elecric circuits. The children will build their own circuits, circuit-testers, and the culminating activity is wiring an electric house! We will continue our learning with explorations into alternative energy sources.

    3rd Trimester: Land and Water

    The students will be studying how land and water interact. How do water and land affect our environment? How has water shaped our planet? We will conduct numerous experiments using our stream-beds.

    Social Studies: Every social studies unit helps us to become "learned and global" citizens! Our units are combined into an IB unit of inquiry entitled "Welcome and Unwelcome Visitors".

    Canada: We will be learning about our northern neighbor...what a wonderful way for those of you who have been there to share your experiences. We will explore the geography, terrain, natural resources, government, economics, and culture of Canada!

    Mexico: During this social studies unit, the students will be guided through a tour of Mexico. We will explore this country's rich ancient history, as well as its beautiful geographical features! Mexico, past and present, is a fascinating country to study! I hope that we are able to end the unit with a mini-archaeological dig!

    Pennsylvania: We will be learning all about the state in which we live! There are tons of interesting PA facts, stories, and symbols! You will soon see Pennsylvania in an entirely new way!!!