• apple
    August, 2011
    Hello Everyone,

    I am so excited about starting the new school year and getting to know each one of you. We have many interesting and challenging activities ahead of us. It all begins on August 29th, so please come to school that day with

    1.)  an inquiring mind (We will be asking soooooooo many questions!)
    2.)  lots of energy (Oh, the interesting projects we are going to do!)
    3.)  a book for silent reading (Don't forget this!)
    4.)  a small bag containing three items which tell something about you (We'll show these items to the class.)
    5)  two composition books
    6.)  a SMALL size, plastic container for your pencils, scissors, glue sticks, highlighter, checking pen, etc. (Our desks
          will be tidy and organized.)   
    7.)  four solid colored pocket folders  (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, and 1 green)
    8. )  one take-home folder  (students' choice)
    9.)  two large glue sticks
    10.) one package of colored pencils
    11.) one box of tissues
    12.)  25 3-hole sheet protectors
    13.)  your IB  summer homework  (Check my web page for directions in case you have forgotten what it is.)

    Enjoy the sunshine, and I will see you soon.
    Your enthusiastic teacher who can't wait for school to start,
    Mrs. Logan