• August 15, 2011
          Our grandma is so excited!  It is almost time for the school year to start and she LOVES being a teacher.  Some of you know Mrs. Logan already, but the rest of you might be interested in learning about her.  Here are some things we think you should know.
    • She loves to read.  Before I go to sleep, we read books.  I always ask for "One more, please." and she always smiles and says, "OK, just one more."  She will be reading to you, too.  Just wait . . . she can get VERY dramatic.
    • She also loves math.  I know this because when we throw stones into ponds we count the splashes.  She doesn't get upset if I miss a number, so she will never get upset if you don't understand something.  Helping students (and the world's cutest 4 1/2 year old) learn makes her happy.
    • Science makes her smile because all of the Logans love to figure out how things work and to investigate nature (Alright, so maybe some of us aren't thrilled with spiders.) Fourth grade has great science units!  What could possibly be better than learning more about our world, studying live animals in habitats that you have constructed right there on your desks, practicing your master scientist skills on electricity, and experimenting with land & water? Just wait, you'll smile with her.
    • Social studies sounds interesting and a bit mysterious. I heard her tell my Poppop something about "mini-dig sites" and "artifacts".   Hmmmmmm?????
    • I've also heard her say that cursive makes doing your written work quicker and easier.  So you will be doing a lot of practicing in class the first few weeks of school. (I have a feeling that some of you may have forgotten how to do the capital letters.)
    • Grandma does expect good behavior.  That way everyone feels safe and comfortable, and then they can do their best learning.
             You will have a terrific year! We are excited for you because Grandma tells everyone who will listen that fourth grade is THE BEST YEAR of elementary school. Becoming experts at logical thinking when solving math problems, creating stories that others want to read, burying your noses in books, and hearing an occasional story about when she was a child is not that far away. Ask her about the day the baby milk snakes got loose in her house.  Ah, you have so much to anticipate! (We like that word! Do you know what it means?)
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and then be prepared to continue your learning adventure when the new school year starts.

    Emerson and Aoife
    (Mrs. Logan's darling granddaughters)