• Birthday Celebrations

    Throughout the year, we will be celebrating birthdays that occur during the school year, in addition to celebrating summer birthdays.  To celebrate summer birthdays, we will celebrate on your child's "half" birthday.  When planning to celebrate, please keep in mind our school's no food policy.  
    Given the severity of food allergies, we ask you to consider an alternative birthday "treat" to food if you would like to celebrate your child's special day.  This could be a something that could be used in the classroom to remember your child's birthday for the entire year!  Ideas could range from a book for the classroom library, a game or a puzzle, or possibly special supplies and tools for the Art Center.  If you would like, the gift could be wrapped and sent to school to be opened by the birthday boy or girl.  I am open to ideas and suggestions; the important thing to remember is to keep the gift inexpensive!

    I also would like to invite you to come into our classroom to read a book to our class on your child's birthday.  Feel free to bring one of your child's favorite books or a book that you enjoyed reading as a child.  Please contact me if you wish to do this so that I can make adequate arrangements in our schedule.
    Thank you!
    happy birthday