• Get to know Mrs. Meston

    Holly 1
    Mrs. Meston's puppy, Holly, wants to share some fun facts about your teacher:

    1.This will be your teacher's 15th year of teaching! 
    2. Mrs. Meston has two daughters, named Addison and Hannah.  Addy will be turning 6 in October, and Hannah will be turning 2 in December.  Who also shares a birthday in those months??
    3. Your teacher has 2 sisters who are twins.  
    4. Before moving back to PA, she lived and taught in the Virginia Beach area for 2 years.   
    5. Math and Science are her favorite subjects!
    6. Her family loves the Pittsburgh Steelers!  HERE WE GO STEELERS.... HERE WE GO!!
    7. The beach is her favorite place.  (She even got married on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico!)

    8. She LOVES to learn new things and to read, read, read.

    9. Lastly, she LOVES teaching at Streams, and can't wait to meet you!