• Class Procedures

    whaleBEACH Binders...Room 218 is a sea full of learners!  One way that we are learning responsibility is through our BEACH Binders.  These binders should be brought to school daily. This binder is a place to put notes to the teacher and where I will put communication for you.  Activities to work on will also be placed here.  BEACH Binders we will be the place where I will return your child's wonderful work!  Most importantly, the simple, daily activity of looking though the folder together will show your child that you respect the responsibilities of his/her new job of being a second grader.  It will give you the opportunity to look at, and talk about, the wonderful work together. Thank you for your help!

    whaleLunch Procedures ...You are always welcome to join us for lunch.  Our menus are posted online.  If you would like to join your child for lunch, please check into the office to receive a visitor tag. We will meet you at the entrance of nutrition center. Please respect those children with food allergies and do not allow your child to share any out side food with friends.  

    whaleTransportation ... I must send your child home at the end of the day via the means arranged at the beginning of the year. If your child needs to be a car rider, obtain a bus pass, walk home with a friend, etc. I must have a note from you stating a change in travel arrangements.


    birdelephantstarFriendly Remindersstar




    1. Please tie shoes tightly in double knots.


    2. Always send your child prepared for the day at school.


    3. Proper rest and eating habits are very important.


    4. Please limit accessories and toys (necklaces, bracelets, hair bows, fidget spinners) as they can be a bit distracting.


    5. Our classrooms provide a nurturing, loving but firm environment. Children are expected to follow certain rules and procedures. Please review our Essential Agreements with your child. A copy will be sent home to you in the beginning of the school year.


    6. Remember your child is an individual. Try hard not to compare him/her to others.





    Thank you for your help and support!