• Reading In Second Grade
    "The more you read, the more you know.  The more you know, the smarter you grow." ~Jim Trelease
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    Second Grade at home activities

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    How Your Child Learns

    Reading is an incredibly complicated skill that takes whole body development for which their brain must be ready.  It's easy to want to rush that, but rushing the reading education process is like rushing a baby's process as they learn to walk.  We have to honor a child and allow them to take their time.  Reading requires a massive number of skills that take years to develop.  Please remember that pushing a child to read early will not make them a better reader.  As they get older, it all levels out and you can no longer tell which kids learned to read at 4 and which did at 7.  But what you can tell, is kids who learned to read more naturally and when their brains were ready.  These children will read more easily and naturally as big kids because they have all of the extra tools in their reading tool belt.