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             Birthdays are fun for everyone! In second grade, we will be recognizing everyone in our classroom on their special day. If you would like to join in the celebration, we invite you to help in a unique way. Due to food allergies and diet restrictions, please do not send anything edible to school. Instead, let's consider non-edible treats. A suggestion is to send an inexpensive gift for your child to share with our class. You may choose to send it unwrapped or wrapped for your child to open at school. One idea for a gift is a book for our class library. Second graders LOVE to read! We will put your child's name and the date on the inside cover. Some other ideas are: a board game, puzzle, or tool for our "writing center" (pack of markers, fancy hole punch, colored pencils). Let's just try to keep everything inexpensive. It's the thought that counts :)

     I am open to any suggestions and am willing to help. Please contact me with any ideas!