• The gifted program in the USC School District is unique in that it does not offer "more" math or reading for students because these opportunities are already embedded in the curriculum through differentiated instruction.  The gifted program focuses on creative and flexible thinking and strives to strenghten problem solving skills of our students. 
    Gifted regulations vary from state to state.  In Pennsylvania, students must be administered an intelligence test by a school psychologist as part of the evaluation for gifted services.  Pennsylvania Department of Education criteria require an IQ score of 130 or higher to be classified as mentally gifted.  However, determination of gifted ability is not based on IQ score alone and deficits in memory or processing speed must not the sole basis for determining a student ineligible for gifted services.  Multiple criteria may be considered to determine a student's gifted ability.  
    Pennsylvania identifies the following multiple criteria: 1) A year or more above grade achievement level for the normal age group in one or more subjects as measured by Nationally normed and validated achievement tests able to accurately reflect gifted performance; 2) An observed or measured rate of acquisition/retention of new academic content or skills that reflect gifted ability; 3) Demonstrated achievement, performance, or expertise in one or more academic areas as evidenced by excellence of products, portfolios or research, as well as criterion-referenced team judgment; 4) Early and measured use of high level thinking skills, academic creativity, leadership skills, intense academic interest areas, communication skills, foreign language aptitude, or technology expertise; and 5) Documented, observed, validated, or assessed evidence that intervening factors such as English as a second language, disabilities, gender or race bias, or socio/cultural deprivation are masking gifted abilities.
    Please contact the school psychologist directly with specific questions regarding an evaluation for gifted services.