•  4th GRADE S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G  B-E-E   

    The Eisenhower Spelling Bee for 4th graders is tentatively scheduled to be held virtually on Thursday, January 21st at 3pm.

    **In order to conduct the spelling bee, we are required to have a 1 pronouncer2-3 judges, and a record keeper. If you are interested/available to volunteer for one of these roles, please notify Kristin LeBeau (reply to this email or contact kmclebeau@gmail.com) ASAP - but no later than Friday, Jan 8th. If we do not secure enough volunteers, we will need to cancel the Spelling Bee for this year. Registration info, a practice list and Scripps Spelling Bee rules will be emailed to 4th Grade parents once we confirm the Bee will take place.