Eisenhower's Birthday Book Club



    Celebrate your child’s birthday while supporting the Eisenhower Library with the BIRTHDAY BOOK CLUB!

    *Select a book from the Book List. The Book List is created by Mrs. Naumann and are books that she would like in the library. If you would prefer a different book, please allow two weeks so that the book may be purchased and processed.

    *Complete and return, with payment, the Book Request to the library at least one week prior to your student’s birthday.  Each book is $15*, and will include a book plate as a remembrance of your child’s birthday. Feel free to order well in advance of your child’s birthday – we will make sure it is presented to him/her at the right time!

    *Mrs. Naumann will present the book to your student on his/her birthday and he/she will be able to take the book home for the week. Children with summer birthdays will have their books presented on their half birthday. The book will then be put into the Eisenhower Library for all students to enjoy!

    *All books are library-bound (when available) or hard cover.



    Questions? Contact Shelby Wherry at shelbyls1@verizon.net.

    2019/2020 Birthday Club Order Form