• Harvest Party News



    The Harvest parties will take place on Thursday, October 30th.  Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a costume parade.  After the parade, our room mothers and happy volunteers will host a party to celebrate fall in our classrooms.  The parties will be filled with games, crafts and lots of fall fun!
            AM Class-Your child will parade through the classrooms at Streams at                                      9:30am.
            PM Class-Your child will join the school wide parade around the school                                      grounds at 1:30pm.

    •    Please send your child’s costume in a bag marked with his/her name.  You child      should not wear his/her costume to school.  Please remember that your child          cannot wear a mask or bring an accessory that is a weapon.  Thank you for your      patience and understanding.

    •    Please remember that we are not permitted to pass out any food items to our          classes!

    The children are so excited for the party.  We know they will have a terrific first Harvest Party.  Thank you in advance for all of your help and support!

    Thank you!
    Your Kindergarten Teachers