Classroom Volunteers
    There will be various opportunities to volunteer in our classroom this year. 
    Here are a few of them.
    Math Books
    I will need a few volunteers at the beginning of the year to come in and help organize our math books into chapters.  This will be a one time, 1-2 hour commitment.
    Good News Staplers
    I will need a few different "Morning Moms" to come in to school on Thursday mornings (30 minutes - 1 hour) to staple all of the "Good News Letters" for both the morning and afternoon classes that will be sent home every Thursday. I will only need one person to come each Thursday, but with a lot a volunteers, we can make a schedule for the entire year so that one or two people do not have this responsibility every week.
     Field Trip Volunteers
    Typically Kindergarten goes on two field trips a year.  They are usually in the spring.  As the trips are scheduled, I will be asking for volunteers.  The number of volunteers depends on where we are going and how many buses we are taking, so the number of chaperones will vary from trip to trip.
     Computer Lab Helpers
    We have a designated time in the computer lab each week.  We do not start going to the Lab until November.  I will be asking for 2 am helpers and 2 PM helpers each week.  I will let you know at our evening Open House the day of the week we will be going to the Lab.  Hopefully we will have a lot of volunteers so that a schedule for the year can be created.
    There will be many more other volunteer opportunities this year.  I have only named a few here to give you an idea of what is available.