• ? ? ?The Jar That Keeps Us Guessing ? ? ?jellybean

    This is a picture of the "jar that keeps us guessing." Please help your child find a number of small items that will fit in the jar. Then, count the items with your child and send them to school in a plastic ziplock baggy.
    Instruct your child not to tell anyone how many items are in the baggy. . . . not even their best friend! The class will transfer your contribution to the "jar" and will estimate the number of items in the jar. We will group them and count them in a variety of ways. Thank you for your help.

    Sample objects might include:
    marbles, foamies, shapes, pennies, washers, bells, wooden blocks, google eyes, tiny toys, erasers, sea shells, pebbles, balls, buttons, stickers, jacks, beads, etc.