• Dress Code

    The students, faculty and administration believe that student dress is primarily the responsibility of the family and that the school district must support the efforts of our parents in this enterprise. We have confidence that our students and parents will make appropriate decisions on both school attire and appearance. However, it remains the final decision of the school in cases of dress code abuses.
    The following guidelines are instituted for appropriate dress in school buildings:
    • No hats, head coverings, or bandanas worn, or carried in school.
    • Appropriate undergarments worn and not visible.
    • No bare midriffs.
    • Shorts and skirts of reasonable length (mid-thigh).
    •  No clothing displaying inappropriate messages, e.g. apparel that demeans or degrades another, suggests sexual activity (innuendo) or refers to violence, alcohol, drugs or tobacco.
    • No extremely tight, loose or revealing clothing.
    • No tube tops, tops with spaghetti straps, halter tops, single-shoulder, low-cut or backless apparel.
    Failure to comply with the guidelines will be viewed as a violation of the district’s discipline policy.