• A social story is a great technique to teach students appropriate social storypragmatic skills across environments. In addition, it is a good tool for working with students with autism whenever there is a change in schedule. Students can create illustrations to make the story concrete. Please scroll down to find a relevant topic to a situation.

    There are a lot of times that I have to be a good listener.
    We all have to be a listener at certain times. We listen in a lot of different ways.
    I listen to my teacher, parents, or friends when they talk to me.
    I listen very close and if I don't understand, I ask nicely for them to tell me again.
    It's important to listen when people are telling me things.
    It is also important to listen when my teachers are trying to teach me something new.
    When I listen I try to be still. I try to wait to talk until the person I am taking with is finished speaking.
    When I listen, I think about what the person is saying.

    Sometimes I have many questions about things.
    I might be wondering about school work or maybe I just have a question about life.
    When I ask questions, I raise my hand and wait my turn.
    When I ask questions, I try to speak loud enough for people to hear me.
    If I mumble or speak too softly, my question may not be heard by the person I am talking with.
    Sometimes when I ask a question, people do not answer me. It might be that they did not hear me.
    It is okay to ask questions. The question should be about what we are talking about in class.
    If there is something I don't know, I can ask a question and I will learn the answer.
    Sometimes I might not like the answer.
    Questions are important. Without questions we couldn't have answers. Answers, whether we like them or not, can be quite helpful. I will try not to interrupt my teacher, parent, or friend while they are talking.