• I am considered the Case Manager for Boyce 5-6 Learning Support students. If youteacher have a direct question or concern regarding the implementation of your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or general academic programing, please contact me and we can arrange a phone conference or IEP review meeting.  

    Communication is a key essential to implementing a successful special education program. Therefore, I collaborate daily with each classroom teacher to monitor each student's progress to ensure success and will update you on any changes or needs that occur.

    Every Thursday, my roster of students will be receiving a Thursday Report.  This report will outline specific schoolwork behaviors and any outstanding assignments.   Encouraging your child take charge of his/her learning is also a vital part of student success.  Please take time to review the Thursday Report with your child and have them return it to school the next day.

    I like to assign small review assignments each evening. This will encourage the work habits of the student and teach responsibility and accountability.  In addition, this allows the students' to transfer learned skills across all settings.  In addition, Pride Time (2:45-3:15pm) and Homeroom (8:15-8:55am) will be utilized to reinforce/preview curriculum content from any core class.  Here's to the celebration of learning!