• School Profile

    Upper St. Clair Township

    • Community - Approximately 19,000
    • Location - Suburban area approximately twelve miles south of downtown Pittsburgh on Route 19.
    • Description of Community - Essentially a single-residence-type community composed of business and professional people.


    • Type - Public, four-year comprehensive high school with a strong emphasis on college preparation.
    • Present Enrollment - 1451
    • Teaching Faculty - Composed of 101 professionals with 65 holding masters degrees or their equivalent and 6 holding doctorates.
    • Calendar - Four nine-week reporting periods in a two semester calendar. Fifty minute classes, 5 days per week. Chemistry lab periods, seventy-five minutes once a week.

    Graduation Requirements

    Required for graduation are 45 units of credit, 28 of which must be in academic courses, including 4 years of English, 3 years of mathematics, 3 years of science including biology, 3 years of social studies including world history and American history, and 2 years of arts and/or humanities.

    Grading System

    A= 90%-100%Outstanding4.00
    B= 80%-89%Good3.00
    C= 70-79%Average2.00
    D= 60%-69%Below Average1.00
    F= Below 60%Failing
    P= Pass
    I = Incomplete

    Grade Point Average

    • Grade point is unweighted. Both weighted and unweighted GPAs are disclosed on each transcript.
    • Courses included: all credit subjects except those taken pass/fail.
    • AP, IB, and Honors courses are equally weighted.
    • Unweighted GPAs are calculated and determined at the end of the fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth semesters.


    Mid-term senior year transcripts including weighted class rank will automatically be submitted to all schools considering the student for admission. Final transcript will be automatically submitted to the institution the student plans to attend.