Here's a look at what we will be learning in...

    Dates to Remember

    September 3-4th
    : Welcome Back! - Remote Transition Days
    September 7th: Labor Day - No School
    September 8th - 1st Day of School
    September 4th
    September 10-12th
    September 12th
    September 17th

    September 22nd - Autumnal Equinox



    Guided Reading

    * We will discuss, learn, and apply what it means to be a good reader.
    * We will review and further understand three of the "Big Ideas" in reading.
    * We will start our first novels within the Guided Reading framework.

    1. Group 1: To be determined
    2. Group 2: To be determined
    Language Arts
    * Reviewing types of sentences and their correct punctuation
    * Subjects and predicates in simple, complex, and compound sentences
    * Sentence fragments and run-ons
    * Parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjective, and adverbs

    Process Writing

    * We will begin to discuss the characteristics and challenges of writing a narrative.

    * The students will begin work with Topic 1: Multiplication & Division-Meanings and Facts.
    * Topic 2 deals with Generating and Analyzing Patterns (we will be regrouping for this topic).
    * XtraMath (letters will go home the first week of school)


    * We will begin our science year learning about Electric Circuits.