• Team 207: School Supplies
         I am very excited about getting to know you and your child as the new school year approaches. The following supply list will help your child be prepared for the first day of fourth grade.
              * 1 art shirt
              * 1 workbox - sturdy enough to travel to art class and back
              * 1 pack of glue sticks - resupplied as needed
              * 1 pack of pencils to start the year
              * 1 small school eraser
              * 1 pack of colored pencils OR 1 box of crayons (no larger than a pack of 48)
              * 2 pocket folders (please - no plastic folders)
              * 1 box of tissues***
         Please make sure that all of the underlined supplies fit into the workbox and that the workbox is of a size that will fit in your child's desk. Also, please try to label workbox items with your child"s name and room number. Finally, students DO NOT need to buy a "trapper" as one of their supplies. Students typically struggle to fit this rather large item within their desk given everything else that they have in 4th grade (books, folders, workbox, etc.).
         ***If each family would be kind enough to donate one of these boxes to the classroom at the beginning of the year, we should have plenty of tissues to last until June.
    Thank you for your support!
    Mr. George