• First Grade Supplies

     1 zippered pencil case (NO boxes PLEASE)
     1 Pack of Crayola markers (NO PERMANENT markers)
     1 Box of Crayola crayons (24 count PLEASE)
     1 Pair of children's scissors (Fiskars are highly recommended)
    1 highlighter
    1 art shirt
    1 box of Ziploc sealable sandwich bags (girls only)
    1 box of Ziploc sealable gallon freezer bags (boys only)
    1 box of tissues
    1 blue plastic folder
    1 box of small white mailing envelopes

    ***Please replenish the following supplies every nine weeks:***

    * 5 BIG Elmer's glue sticks *
    * several pencils (Ticonderoga are the BEST!) *
    * 1 pink or green school eraser *