• vip


    Every week of the school year a child from our room is chosen as the Very Important Person (VIP) of the week. Your child has the opportunity to share the things that they cherish most with the class. Below is a list of the activities during each day of the week. The children have a wonderful time sharing their pictures, their hobbies, and other special things with the class. This enforces the fact that they indeed are a Very Important Person themselves.


    Picture Day-                 Have your child bring in 10-15 pictures of themselves and those important to them (if possible).


    Hobby Day-                  Have your child bring in their favorite hobby.


    Polaroid Day-                Mrs. Beyerl will take a classroom photo with your child.


    Create A Book Day-       The students in Mrs. Beyerl’s class will write a story about your child.


    Story Day-                     Have your child bring in their favorite story.

    Thank you for your support during our V.I.P. week.