<brIn Chemical Tests, we begin to use critical thinking skills to solve mysteries such as "What are the identities of five unknown solids?" By conducting a variety of physical and chemical tests students explore some concepts basic to general chemistry; physical properties, and how to describe them and changes that may occur when different solids and liquids are mixed together or separated. As a result, students are introduced to solubility, filtration, evaporation, crystallization, and acids, bases, and neutrals. Along the way, they also develop essential stills: observing, recording, questioning, analyzing, and drawing conclusions.

    ~ Common household chemicals have different physical and chemical properties
    ~ Chemicals undergo changes in forth color or texture when they are mixed together separated or heated
    ~ Different types of mixtures such as solutions or suspensions are created when solids are combined with water  
    ~ Evaporation and filtration are methods for separating mixtures of solids and liquids
    ~ Some chemicals can be classified as acids bases or neutral substances by their reactions

    ~ Develop interest in and enthusiasm toward exploring and investigating properties of chemicals
    ~ Recognize the importance of guidelines for experimentation
    ~ Develop an awareness of the importance of chemicals in our lives
    ~ Develop an appreciation for the safe handling of chemicals

    Students will be able to:
    1. observe and describe properties of materials
    2. learn to perform different physical and chemical tests
    3. predict, observe, describe, and record results of tests
    4. analyze and draw conclusions from the results of tests
    5. compare and contrast test results to define the properties of household chemicals so they can be identified
    6. support conclusions with reasons based on experiences
    7. communicate results and reflect on experiences through writing and discussion
    8. apply previously learned knowledge and skills to new situations to solve a problem
    9. read to enhance understanding of chemistry concepts

    Assessment will be based upon the following:
    Class discussions
    Student investigations
    Record sheets (science notebooks)
    Student drawings
    (science notebooks)
    Teacher observations
    Reading selections
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