1. Please be prepared for a busy day of learning by 8:00: 
          NOTES in Note Basket
          * MORNING WORK completed                               
          * PENCILS sharpened
          * DEAR BOOK in desk
          * FOLDER open with reading log signed and PLANNER open on desk 
    2. Math homework is always due the following day, while spelling is due on Thursdays. 
    3. Practice your FACTS at home- xtra math!
    4. Make sure you have a DEAR book---think chapter books!

    1.  Please look at and initial Student Planner each night. (It's your child's responsibility to show you their planner)
    2. Initial Reading Log each night! 
    3.  Ask your child our learning targets...don't accept "nothing" as an answer! 
    Thanks for your support!
    412-833-1600  ex 8045
Last Modified on March 17, 2020