Library Skills/Curriculum


    Students have Library once every week for 30 minutes. The library curriculum supports  other curriculum areas including reading, science and social studies.  Students will also learn research skills and strategies and the use of Google and Web 2.0 applications.

    As students grow and move through the grades they will be learning life-long literacy and critical thinking skills, along with a love of books and reading.
    Some of our lessons will focus on mastering skills in:
    •  Using strategies to understand meaning in what they read.
    • The ability to evaluate sources so they can form an educated opinion about what they read or hear.
    • Reflecting, responding and evaluating information.
    • The research process, note taking and formulating an end project.
    • Demonstrating the ability to utilize technology safely and with etiquette or digital citizenship.
    • Understanding copyright, fair use and notation of sources.
    • Selecting literary fiction and an understanding of different literary genres.
    • Understanding of non-fiction classifications and the Dewey Decimal System.
    • Demonstrating the ability to utilize web tools as an end result to display information.
    • Utilizing effective research skills to gain and expand their knowledge.
    * Most importantly doing all of this while instilling an enthusiasm about books and resources and developing skills that will serve them throughout their life.
                                                                                                                                                                                                love libraries