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    Each Friday a Star Student will be chosen.  If your child happens to be the star for the following week, he or she will come home with a Star Student folder.  This folder can be kept at home for the week, but please remember to bring it back the following Friday.  Each day of the week, we will celebrate your child in a different way.  Each day's activities are as follows...

    Monday: Poster Presentation - Your child will share his/her poster (sent with the folder) with the class.   This is a fun way to share fascinating facts and favorites!

    Tuesday: Pictures - The star student will bring 10 - 15 pictures of him/herself, family, friends, pets, etc.  These pictures will be displayed in the room and returned at the end of the week.

    Wednesday: Favorite Toy/Stuffed Animal - Your child will bring in a favorite furry friend or toy!

    Thursday: Collection - This is a chance for your child to share something that he/she collects.  If your child does not collect anything, you can send something that he/she is particularly proud of.

    Friday: Favorite Book - On this day, your child can either bring a book to read to the class, or a favorite that he/she would like me to read.  Children love to read aloud to their classmates!

    At the end of the week, the class will create a book for the Star Student to take home and read.  The star will also get to spend the weekend with our class teddy bear.  Feel free to snap a few pictures to include in his journal, then have your child write about the adventures he/she had!