Meet Mrs. Manion


    I am very excited to start my 19th year of teaching by moving to second grade!  Prior to this year, I taught elementary special education.  I started my teaching career in Hampton Township School District, but I have been back in Upper St. Clair for the past 17 years (I taught at Streams and Eisenhower, too).  I student taught at Baker and was so excited to have the opportunity to return to teach here 14 years ago.  I love teaching and I love Baker School!
    My other love is my family.  My husband Patrick and I have been married for 10 years and we have 2 little boys and 3 dogs.  Patrick is a social studies teacher at USCHS.  Our sons are Patton John (4) and Marlow Gabriel Joseph (1).  Patton is very cautious, creative and has a tender heart.  Marlow is a curious, intense, climbing machine with a hearty laugh. They are the lights of our lives.  Patton and Marlow keep us on our toes and we have lots of great family adventures!  We also have 3 dogs: Rooney is an 11 year old border collie/spitz mix who has boundless energy and a talent for finding mischief,  JoePa is a 9 year old lhasa aphso with an amazing heart and an appetite for destruction, and Jacksi a 7 year old yorkiepoo who is 5 pounds of pure diva.  


    We love going to Pirate games, watching PSU and Steelers football, walking the dogs, hiking, going to parks and spending time with our families.  My husband announces the Varsity basketball and football games so you will often see our family at USC sporting events, too!