• After you have "cleaned up" your site, you will need to update yourself in how to understand and use the new editor. Links are provided below for a variety of training resources. We would suggest the process be as follows:
    1. Watch the two training videos.
    2. Read/download the help cards and guide.
    3. When you're ready for more advanced learning, take a look at the rest of what the "Learning Roadmap for Teachers" has to offer you.

    1.  Training Videos:  Listed below are links to videos that you will find usefulvideos as we upgrade to Centricity2.

    Section Workspace  (14 minutes)
    Experience the new functionality of the Section Workspace. Now you will be able to Design Your Own pages and Drag and Drop the order of your hierarchy. Great for all editors of your website from teachers to departmental and central office staff. Learn about the enhancements made to the Section Workspace.

    SchoolWires Editor  (28 minutes)
    Enhance your web presence through the new functionality available when editing your website. Learn about the improved WYSIWYG Editor that is used throughout Centricity2

    2.  Help Cards / Section Editor Guide: These will replace any previous guidesdocumentation you may have received while using the original SchoolWires Centricity. The Help Cards are one or two page concise resources; the Guide is a complete workbook to explain how to perform the tasks of a Section Editor.

    3.  Learning Roadmap for Teachers/Editors: Click on the link below to be mapredirected to a site which will provide you with a total set of resources, including those shown above, while also providing guides for some more advanced features.