• So, what's new in Centricity2? Here are just a few of the new features and/or enhancements ...

    APPS & PAGES: Rather than choosing a type page, your page will now be your canvas into which you place various apps. So, in essence, every new page starts out as a blank canvas and you create what you want on there and how you want it to look. You have the ability to change the layout of your page very easily, rearranging the apps on the page with a simple drag and drop. However, if you prefer the standard listing of page types to pick from, those will still be available to you.
    Some of the apps available to you are announcements, assignments, blog, calendar, headlines & features, podcast, photo gallery, and so on.

    HIERARCHY: A long awaited improvement ... you can now drag and drop your pages to nest them under another. You can also drag and drop under Organize Pages to change the page order.

    CALENDAR: Some of the enhancements to your site calendar include the ability to have multiple calendars in your section, additional options for recurring events, abiltity to have unlimited numbers of event categories, and the ability to post events to other calendars using calendar collections.

    PHOTO GALLERY: The photo gallery app has been enhanced to allow for quick and easy upload of multiple photos while adding descriptions to them, to provide more robust editing for your pictures, and to allow for sending eAlerts whenever you make changes to a gallery.

    INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE/INTEGRATED USER ASSISTANCE: To make it easy for you to use and understand features in Centricity2, just click on the "How do I ...?" tab in your workspace. Materials related to your workspace will display for your selection. These materials include help articles, video tutorials, and other resources.