Homework is important. It connects what your child learned today with what your child will learn tomorrow. When students do their homework each night, they learn more. Cooperation between home and school is essential in making homework meaningful for your child. The time you share with your child on homework can make learning fun and productive.
         In third grade, the children will be given nightly homework assignments. Homework is generally not given on Fridays. Third grade students are expected to be organized and responsible. Students need to keep track of all of their assignments. Use of a Homework Tracker is optional, but it is a very good tool for helping the students to organize their work. I will provide Homework Trackers for any students who choose, or need, to use them.
         Thank you for your active involvement in your child’s education. Families that encourage, set an example for, and value learning instill a respect for teachers and school that helps students to succeed.

    Your child’s proud teacher,

    David C. Fee