• A typical class in the computer lab might look like this:

    • The class is assigned a lab time.  A group of students will go to the lab and work at the computers under the supervision of the tech person.  The classroom teacher has already selected the lessons to be directed to each student when s/he logs on to Riverdeep and Raz-Kids, which are computer-assisted individualized, standards-based reading and math curriculum programs which help to maximize and accelerate student learning while helping students of all learning styles succeed.

    • Since computer time is scheduled during reading, the classroom teacher works with the remaining students in the classroom with reading activities.  The nature of the work directed by the classroom teacher is personalized, small group instruction, which is specifically tailored to the needs of each student.

    • Part way through the session, the groups switch so that each group has an opportunity to receive direct instruction from the teacher, and also to participate in computer activities.  Access to the lab is scheduled so that every class has an equal opportunity to access the technology available in the lab. Teachers are encouraged especially to use the lab during reading and math times to enhance the number of differentiated instruction options, which they can provide for their students.  There are also times available for sign-up so that use of the lab is integrated fully as part of classroom goals.

    The student computers in the lab consist of 30 powerful 21.5 inch flat-screen iMacs with Intel Core i5 Duo processors combined with Max OS X Mavericks.  In addition to the computers in the lab, there are four iMacs in the library and four networked computers in the classrooms.  Available for classroom sign-out are four laptop carts, three carts with 20 MacBook Pro laptops and one cart with 20 MacBook Air laptops.  Students may use the classroom computers and the laptops for specific class projects.  Also there are six iPads in Kindergarten, six iPads in Learning Support and 55 iPads for student sign-out supervised use.


    Applications and resources that students use in the lab and in the classroom are Blended Schools, Pearson SuccessNet, You Tube EDU, Follett Web Collections, Riverdeep, Type to Learn 4, RazKids, Kidspiration 3, Inspiration 9, Google Earth, Comic Life, Photo Booth, Kid Pix Deluxe 3X, Microsoft Office 2011, Spelling City, and Spanish.  Safari, Firefox and Chrome are the Internet browsers.

Last Modified on January 31, 2018