1. Gather all materials needed.You can do it!

    2. Set your mind to study.
        • Intend to have focused, effective study time.
        • Set realistic goals to be met during the study session.
        • Become actively involved.

    3. Set priorities for assignments.
        • Create a "to-do" list for each study block and assign a priority for each
        assignment to be completed.
        • Map out a time line.

    4. Warm up your brain.
        • Take 1-5 minutes to warm up your mind.
        • Be sure you understand the assignment/requirements for the subject.
        • Review familiar material first.
        • Apply knowledge of how you learn to warm up and study.

    5. Take a break.
        • Take a 5-10 minute break for every 30-45 minute study period.
        • Take a short break when switching subjects/topics.