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    Hello!  My name is Mrs. Sherri Garvey and I teach 6th grade English Language Arts. To some of you, I may seem familiar.  Don't know why?  Perhaps your older brother or sister was one of my students when they were in 6th grade, or perhaps you know me from way back when I was an elementary teacher!  That's right, I was a 4th grade teacher at Streams for 4 years before coming to Boyce in 2010.  Prior to working in Upper St. Clair and Streams, I taught in Howard County, Maryland for 6 years.  In Maryland, I taught both 3rd and 4th grade.  While my early teaching experience lies in the elementary grades, I have found that teaching 6th grade at Boyce is truly the best!

    When I'm not at school, I'm home with my family.  I have a wonderful husband, a spirited daughter named Emma, a rambunctious son named Ryan, and a wild little pup named Ellie who loves to eat socks.  You’ll hear many funny stories about Mr. Garvey, Emma, Ryan, and Ellie all year long!  The entire Garvey clan also enjoys watching sports, running and walking, doing home improvement projects, and just relaxing with family and friends.

    I am very excited about our school year together.  I know you’re going to love all the fantastic things that Mr. Goelz, Mrs. Yoder, Mr. Gehrlein, and I have in store for you!