• Congratulations! - 2nd 9 Weeks Scholars' Club Inductees - Energy Team

    Posted by Mark Goelz on 1/20/2020 10:00:00 AM

    The Energy Team would like to congratulate the following students on being inducted into Scholars' Club for their hard work during the second quarter! We are very proud of their efforts and they should be commended for all of the extra time they put in to each and every assignment/extension. The students set the bar and had to earn at least 335 combined points total from all curricular areas in order to be inducted into this quarter's Scholars' Club. Twelve students made the cut, they are: 



    Sofia A-T: 990 points

    Ashim R: 734 points

    Finn M: 640 points

    Isabella D: 618 points

    Kaia P: 589 points

    Ellie Simons: 531 points

    Liam D: 513 points

    Ahmed E: 470 points

    Chance M: 396 points

    Sadie T: 350 points

    Ava M: 340 points

    Sophia T: 335 points


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  • Energy Team: PA Math League Opportunity

    Posted by Mark Goelz, Math Lover on 1/9/2020 7:00:00 AM


    Please take a moment to consider this opportunity for math enrichment being offered by Mrs. Hoedeman!  The PML math competition is great way to challenge those students who enjoy math and problem solving.  Mr. Goelz will offer 100 Scholars' Club points to any Energy team member who joins and participates in the league.  Mr. Goelz encourages all of his students to join, but especially those who get excited about math and those who have taken on the challenge of enrichment math already this year.  Many Energy team members have already joined.  The time commitment is minimal.  If interested please see the link below for a registration form that can be printed and filled out.  Your Energy student can give the form to Mr. Goelz and he will be sure to get it to Mrs. Hoedeman!


    PML Registration Form

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  • 'Tis the Season / Attendance

    Posted by Mark Goelz on 12/12/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Happy Holidays to all who are part of our Energy Team!

    With the start of the holiday/cold weather season, the Energy Team teachers thought it an optimal time to address school attendance and keeping academic focus.  In recent weeks, we have had an inordinate amount of absenteeism on the Energy Team.  The recent absenteeism rate seems to be due to a lot of factors, including illnesses/injuries, increased number of long weekend trips, and a number of special club field trips.  As parents ourselves, the Energy Team teachers can appreciate the inevitability of all of these factors.  We truly understand those times that being absent is unavoidable, if not necessary.

    That said, we ask for the parents' support when your child misses school, especially for a prolonged period of days.  Our schedule is structured so that there is limited time to "reteach" individuals the concepts they missed if over several days.  While most, if not all, resources for lessons/homework are available on our Canvas pages, many 6th grade students are not at the point where they can "teach" themselves new objectives.  While the team teachers try to maximize the opportunities to help absentee students "catch-up," these opportunities are infrequent and even less than they may seem, given that multiple teachers are trying to meet with these same students.  If your child misses school, we ask that you ask them to be diligent in requesting work they may have missed.  We also ask that you take some time to ensure the student feels comfortable with the information they missed, as it is likely building towards a bigger concept.  If they do not, please provide whatever support you can at home to minimize the "catch-up" stress that many students display upon returning to school.  We understand it may take a few days to "catch-up," but with your assistance and support, we believe a student's transition back to school will be more successful.

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  • Congratulations! Scholars' Club - 1st 9 Weeks

    Posted by Mark Goelz on 10/31/2019 8:00:00 AM

    The Energy Team would like to congratulate the following students on being inducted into Scholars' Club for their hard work during the first quarter! We are very proud of their efforts and they should be commended for all of the extra time they put in to each and every assignment/extension. The students set the bar high and had to earn at least 600 combined points total from all curricular areas in order to be inducted into this quarter's Scholars' Club. Twelve students made the cut, they are:




    Ashim R - 2,301 points

    Kaia P - 1,499 points

    Sofia A-T - 1,208

    Zahra H - 1,057 points

    Jeffrey Z - 1,034 points

    Ellie S - 1,023 points

    Fionn M - 888 points

    Dylan C - 875 points

    Isabella D - 866 points

    Anand J - 771 points

    Devesh J - 767 points

    Braden C - 670


    Also, a shout out to the Scholars' Club Honorbale Mentions who earned over 500 points:


    Harrison B

    Logan G

    Tyler B

    Anoushka B

    Maryellen K

    Mary M

    Johnny U

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  • BuzzMath site for the Energy Team

    Posted by Mark Goelz on 10/10/2019


    Hi all.  We wanted to make parents aware of a website our team is using daily, Buzzmath.  Buzzmath provides students with a great opportunity to preview/improve/master their 6th grade math skills and/or review prior level skills  (as well as potentially explore 7th and 8th level math skills).

    The site centers around a storyline encouraging the player to save Buzz City, which has lost all of its math powers.  Players earn Gold Stars for completing activities and when enough gold stars are earned, players unlock high level missions which can be completed for even more gold stars.  Energy Team students have been made aware that they will receive 5 Scholars' Club points for every gold star earned and 100 Scholars' Club points for every unlocked mission completed.

    My goal is for every student to earn all 195+ possible 6th grade level before the end of the school year.  The app provides the students with opportunities to review topics we have covered in class as well as explore new topics we have yet to have reached.  I believe the students who put in this "extra" math time will surely find improvements in their understanding and success in math.  For those who do earn all of the 6th Level stars, I will move them on into the opportunity to work with 7th level topics and earn stars there as well.

    While I fully recognize the amount of homework Energy students already have and the fact that such homework should take priority, I am asking parents to encourage their Energy students to make some "Buzzmath time" at home when the homework load is light.  While I'm sure students would often rather use digital media to play the latest fad video game at home , I assure you Buzzmath provides a nice balance of quality math content with interactive fun.  Please encourage your Energy Team member to take advantage and ask her or him to show you what the Buzzmath app has to offer.  While there will always be opportunities to work in Buzzmath at school (homeroom, end of math class, pride time, etc.), the goal is for students to occassionally work outside the classroom as well in order to stay on pace towards our goals of completing all 6th level stars in Buzzmath.

    Currently, students should have 31 stars in Buzzmath to be considered "on pace."  We have set our next goal at 38 stars by Monday 10/14/19.  Please check in with your Energy Student to see if they are keeping on pace.

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  • School is in full swing!

    Posted by Mark Goelz on 9/3/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Hi all!  We can't believe we're September already.  With the change in month, we are getting into full swing at school.  By this week, you should notice your child bringing home regular homework (up to an hour or so per night).  if used wisely, some time is given to work on homework at school during Pride Time.  However, if you are not seeing your Energy Team student working much at home... you may want to question her or him about it.

    In math, Mr. Goelz has started the first Topic in our Pearson Envision program.  Note that this first topic generally has targets found to be amongst the easiest of the year as students adjust to new schedules and routines.  That being said, math enrichment opportunities will be available to those who score above 90% on any of the topic pretests following the establishment of routines in Topic 1.

    In science class, we are off to a great start!  We have spent some time trying to answer the question..."What is Science?"  We have put our heads together to do some brainstorming about this question and others like...What tools do scientists use? Where do scientists work?  What are the three main branches of science?  We have worked collaboratively and have come up with some very interesting responses!  We have also started to work through the steps involved in the Scientific Method and what it looks like to go through that process.

    In ELA, we are about to begin our very first novel.  You can expect your child to have novel homework every other night.  In addition, we will be starting our Sadlier Vocabulary program soon as well.  Most Sadlier work will be completed in school, but at home your child will need to practice and study for their Sadlier Vocabulary tests, which will always be on Day 5.

    We look forward to meeting you at Open House in a few weeks!
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  • Our Team Blog

    Posted by Mark Goelz on 8/6/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Hello 6th Grade Energy Team members and parents! This part of our website will be used to communicate important thoughts, upcoming events, important announcements, etc. throughout the school year. Your teachers will occasionally update the blog with current information regarding their classes, updates, and general thoughts. Their hope is that parents will periodically "check-in" to our blog to keep up on the information.  You should also subscribe to E-ALERTS for our team page when registering for district E-ALERTS.

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  • Starting the year off right!

    Posted by Mark Goelz on 8/6/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Welcome to Team Energy 2019-2020!  While the start of the school year always finds students anxious and excited, a lot of information is issued to both students and parents in various forms.  As the start of the year progresses, please be sure to continually ask your child for papers/files they are supposed to share with you.  Also, while homework and content can be found on our Canvas system, we continue to promote this website as a means for retrieving other extra information about our team, specifically this blog.

    The first week or so of school are spent establishing routine/expectations, organizing and getting to know each other with the overall goal being to make each student feel comfortable and excited about the upcoming year.  "Regular" academics and schedules will start this next week, which is when you can expect to begin to see a more regular routine when it comes to classes and homework.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work our way through the inevitable challenges and transition into sixth grade expectations.  We look forward to a fun and successful year with you and your child!

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