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    Mercyhurst North East Oasis Program
    The Oasis Program is a unique, college-based certificate program designed for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This non-credit, one-year program is designed for students who have completed high school and have interest in pursuing additional academic and vocational training to help develop skills that are necessary for gainful employment.


    Chartiers Center


    Chartiers operates 2 day programs: our Vocational Training Center and our Senior Community Center.  All Referrals to Chartiers’ Center must be made by the individual’s support coordinator, who will make the referral directly to Micky Cogley, Chartiers’ IDD Recruiting Specialist. For more information call (412-221-3302 x 187).


    Vocational Training Center

    The Vocational Training Center (VTC) has three components: Daily Living Skills, on-site pre-vocational training, and behavioral and physical supports.  The staff provides on-site training through select job related skills such as assembly tasks, office skills, and various skills related to food service and retail industries.  The VTC also offers support for personal needs, communication, daily living skills and social supports.  Specialists are equipped with varied instructional methods and have extensive knowledge in these areas.  Individuality, working independently and celebrating personal achievements is what Chartiers strives for each day.


    Senior Community Center


    The Senior Community Center (SCC) supports adults with IDD and Physical disabilities that are no longer looking for nor have a need for pre-employment training. Individuals in this Center may not necessarily fall into a “senior” age but may just other qualifying factors that make the VTC non-feasible.  Activities in the Center focus mainly on Daily Living and Recreation/Education.  Skills such as socialization, personal care, and motor skill development are focused on through Physical and Occupational tasks.  I pads and daily group activities that focus on individual goals are used to maintain/increase informational processing skills.  This Center utilizes a lot of music, art and kitchen activities to really engage the individual on many levels.


    For information on accessing mental health services for your school age child please call Petra Tallo at (412) 221-3302 x 187.

    Have you been adopted from the child welfare system and residing in Western Pennsylvania?  You might be eligible for a scholarship. 
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    Do You Qualify for Free Education at CCAC?
    Job Corps is able to sponsor PELL Grant eligible students to attend CCAC.  These sponsorships function as scholarships. Students sponsored by Job Corps receive:  Tuition Assistance (tuition not paid by PELL Grant is paid by job Corps), Books & Supplies, Monthly Stipend, Bus Pass/Gas Card, Clothing Allowance, Completion Bonus ($1,200.00).  Students live at home and attend the CCAC Campus of their choice.  Students must be PELL Grant eligible to apply.  For more information at 412 441 8779 orComer.Josh@jobcorps.org. Click here for more information.
    Many teens with autism make higher education seem like a breeze, but are lacking in some of the social, time management and organizational skills they’ll need to make the grades they deserve. Luckily, there is a wide range of colleges out there stepping up to offer support and help for students with autism spectrum conditions. Check out this website to see what they recommend.

    National Center for Learning Disabilities
    Preparing for life after high school can be a daunting task for parents and teens. With the right planning, support, and information you can work together to make smart decisions about the future. This website offers information for individuals planning to attend college as well as those planning to enter the workforce directly after high school.

    Transition from school to adult life requires an important series of steps. To help you map out this process, the Bureau of Special Education has developed this website for you, your family, and school.

    Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

    College & College Prep, LD Online
    More and more higher education institutions are offering support programs for students with Learning Disabilities. Here we’ve assembled information to assist in the planning and selection process, plus lots of advice on creating a successful post-secondary education experience.

    Project for Freedom
    Project for Freedom trains people with disabilities for employment and provides job placement services to fill positions within the regional business community.

    Works for Me!
    Works for me is a FREE resource that can direct you to agencies and programs that help people with disabilities in Pennsylvania who want to work, and improve their financial security. We will review your specific situation and guide you to resources that will help you find a job, obtain training, keep health insurance, get assistive technology, or find other support you may need.  Career One Stop
    This website includes job profiles by occupation, state, and wages

    This website includes occupation and industry information by state. It also has career tools: Exploration, Resource Library, and Education & Training Information.

    Career College Information
    This website includes career and college information, as well as education needed. It also offers resume templates.

    Occupation Profiles
    This website includes profiles of occupations including descriptions, earnings, and outlook. It also offers a school finder.

    Virtual Tours of Major Colleges/Universities
    Although not all US colleges/universities are included, you can search this website by school or state and one click links you directly to the school.

    Career Kids
    Has My First Resume activity, downloads, and articles (need to register with an email account).

    California Career Zone
    Career assessments (quick assessments, interest profiler, work importance profiler, reality check)

    Education Planner
    Surveys, timelines, college selection information, college applications, resume information, financial aid. It has advice for what to look for in a college.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Explore career information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

    My College Options
    Create a free account to connect students with US colleges and universities, based exclusively on their academic profile. This website also matches students with available scholarships.

    CCAC Vocational Training Programs with Learning Supports

    Nursing Assistant Program
    The Community College of Allegheny County Nursing Assistant/Resident Aide Training Program 
    is a 2semester non-credit certificate program that prepares students who need learning supports for employment as a Nursing Assistant.

    Food Service Training Program
    The Community College of Allegheny County Food Service Training Program is a 2semester non-credit certificate program that prepares students for employment in the broad spectrum of the Food Service industry.

    Environmental Service/Janitorial Training Program

    CCAC – North Campus initiated the Environmental Services/Janitorial Program in 1977.  This 2 semester non-credit certificate program serves students interested in the environmental services/janitorial industry.

    Indoor/Outdoor Building Maintenance
    This most recent training program began in 2007. This program is a 2 semester non-credit certificate program designed to train the student for work in the indoor/outdoor building maintenance field.  Beginning with the Fall 2011 semester,this training program will be offered at CCAC’s South Campus.
    Vocational Information Center
    Explore vocational and technical careers, check out the skills employers really want, find a trade school, research technical topics and take a look at the current job market all on this website!

    Entrepreneur Website
    This was created by DECA for the purpose of informing about the opportunities for studying entrepreneurship beyond high school. This has a teacher and student resource area and scholarship information.

    PA Career Zone
    Take some self-assessments, explore careers, and complete budgeting activities.

    Official Kids Portal for the US Government
    This career area has an alphabetical listing of careers specific to the government and a ton of information about them.

    Transition Health Care Checklist
    To provide a checklist, resources, and steps to assist youth and families to make a successful transition to adult living that includes health and health care

    Office of Intellectual Disability
    Transition to Adult Life
    Supports Coordination

    Transition "Get Ready" List

    Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Handbook
    Overview of OVR's Services