• Ahhh...Pride Time (2:45-3:15) a time at Boyce that is for students to participate in a variety of team activities and/or extra-curricular activities.  While some students take advantage of other Boyce programs (Chorus, Band, Challenge, Student Council, etc.), the activities during these times vary, but all are meant to serve a purpose for the middle-school child, either as an academic curricular compliment or to promote proper social behavior and team building. Students have the opportunity to visit my classroom to complete assignments, review learning targets, prepare for assessments, and/or get organized. Based on what day it is, here are the expectations in my room at Pride Time:

    During Pride Time, I will… a

    ·show my updated Binder Reminder to staff to be signed.

    ·organize my binders and locker.

    ·see Mr. Dudley to make sure everything is complete.

    Once I complete these, I can…

    ·complete homework assignments.

    ·relax by reading a book, playing on the computer, sitting on the couch, listening to music, talking  to a friend, etc., quietly.



Last Modified on December 29, 2014