• Boyce World Language Program

    We are proud to have a strong language learning program at Boyce which continues to open students' eyes to the international world they are living in.

    At the fifth grade level, students participate in an exploratory program which introduces them to the sounds and cultures of three languages:  French, German and Spanish.  The exploratory classes meet four times in the six day rotation for 12 weeks each (35 minutes per class).  An emphasis is placed on oral listening and speaking skills, and cultural knowledge is incorporated into class activities on a daily basis.  Additionally, our Spanish program builds upon skills learned at the elementary level.   
    At the end of the fifth grade year, students are given the opportunity to select which language they would like to continue studying for the remainder of middle school.  Students study the language of their choice through the 6th, 7th and 8th grade years, building a solid language foundation.  Our goal is for USC graduates to develop functional proficiency in a second language by beginning continuous language study early.

    Sixth grade students study one language:  French, German, or Spanish.  Classes meet five times in the six day rotation, for 35 minutes throughout the school year.  Cultural events and activities are incorporated into the curriculum, and functional language skills are stressed.