• MYP Personal Projects

    The MYP Personal Project is the culminating task for the Middle Years Program.  Through completion of this project, MYP students demonstrate that they have internalized the Areas of Interaction and are able to complete a long-term, independent body of work.  Students choose topics that reflect their personal interests, and they are guided through the process by a faculty advisor.   Projects are assessed by trained staff members who use MYP’s Personal Project criterion assessment rubrics to determine a student’s score.  The total number of points earned translates into a grade of 1 to 7.   All MYP candidates must achieve a grade of at least 3 on the Personal Project grading scale to be eligible for the Middle Years Program Certificate.


    The MYP Personal Project is introduced to MYP students during Level 4 (grade 9) and must be completed during  the spring sememster of Level 5.

Last Modified on July 14, 2009