• MYP Assessment Philosophy

    Complete Assessment Philosophy:

                    IB MYP | Assessment Philosophy

    Purpose of Assessment for Teachers

    • To enhance student learning.
    • To monitor the individual progress of student achievement.
    • To determine the effectiveness of teaching.
    • To guide curriculum development and review.
    • To guide instructional practice.

    Purpose of Assessment for Students

    • To provide consistent, timely feedback and opportunity for reflection.
    • To identify what students know at various points in learning.
    • To identify strengths and weaknesses in components of the subject area.
    • To promote student responsibility for and ownership of learning.
    • To encourage students to self­ advocate.

    Purpose of Assessment for Parents

    • To communicate consistent, timely feedback and opportunity for conversation.
    • To allow parents and teachers to work together as advocates of student learning.
    • To provide transparency of curriculum.

    Principles of Assessment

    • Tasks will be designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles.
    • Assessments will be differentiated to account for students’ diverse needs.
    • Assessment tasks will be rigorous, involving critical and creative thinking skills.
    • Assessment tasks will encourage transfer of skills, interdisciplinary learning, and real­ world contexts.
    • Assessment tasks will include clear, consistent use of command terms.
    • Students with identified learning needs will receive accommodations based on their learning plans.
    • All work submitted for assessment must be the student’s own work.
    • Students will receive timely and meaningful feedback on their performance on assessment tasks.
    • There is a balance between formative (ongoing throughout the unit) and summative (end of unit) Assessment.
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