MYP students Grades 5-8 ,

    Typically each of you were responsible for completing service hours: 

    15 hours per year for students in grades 5 and 30 hours per year for students in grade 6-8.

    Due to current social distancing measures, we have made these hours optional for grades 5-8.  If you are interested in helping others, you obviously will be limited, so we encourage you to find ways to help out around your homes.  Perhaps you can help your parents around the house - doing chores, cleaning out closets, etc.? 
    Feel free to discuss and find ways with your family to help others,  but make sure to keep yourself safe!
    Any optional hours can still be logged through the form under the Student Links on the School district website by June 30th.


    MYP Community Service

    Community service is an important component of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. Students in all grades are expected to complete 30 hours of community service by the end of May, with the exception of fifth grade students who are to aim for 15 hours.

    Students can keep track more frequently as they will have the option to email each entry they make directly to their student email account immediately following their entry. The hours mentioned above are recommended hours. It is more important that students focus on the quality and value of their experiences, rather than the quantity of them. Thank you for taking the time to view the video below for instructions.



    Click here to log your MYP Community Service Hours for 2020/21

Last Modified on January 21, 2021