• Social Studies Course Overview

    For Fifth grade Social Studies, we study American history.  This year, students will be reading from a variety of textbooks, articles, and passages covering our content.  The students will take notes in the form of graphic organizers and outlines to highlight key concepts from the reading.  Content area reading and writing skills will be developed throughout the study of each lesson.  Quizzes, essays, and tests will occur during, and at the end, of the nine weeks.  Below is an outline of the units of study for each nine weeks.

    1st 9 Weeks:

    1.  Geography of the World
    2.  Native Americans
    3.  Explorers

    2nd 9 Weeks:

    1.  Colonization of the New World
    2.  The American Revolution

    3rd 9 Weeks:

    1.  The Expanding Nation

    4th 9 Weeks:

    1.  The Civil War/ Reconstruction