• Language Arts Course Overview

    For fifth grade Language Arts, we follow the writing process to publish essays within the narrative, expository, and opinion/argumentative styles of writing.  Students publish essays using Microsoft Word and Google Documents.  Also, we study the eight major parts of speech for the grammar component.  Spelling consists of a study of various word lists throughout the school year from Spelling Connections.  Quizzes will occur throughout the nine weeks for grammar. Finally, at the end of the nine weeks, the students will take a unit test on the major parts of speech studied.   Below is an outline of the grammar skills that we focus on during each nine week period.

    1st 9 weeks:
    1.  Sentences/ Fragments/ Run- On Sentences
    2.  Types of Sentences- (Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, Exclamatory, Simple, Compound, Complex)
    3.  Subject/ Predicate- (Complete, Simple, Understood, Compound)

    2nd 9 Weeks:
    1.  Verbs- (Action, Helping, Linking, Irregular)
    2.  Verb Tenses- (Present, Past, Future) 
    2.  Contractions
    3.  Pronouns- (Subject, Object, Possessive)

    3rd 9 Weeks:
    1.  Comma Rules for Writing
    2.  Quotation Marks/ Dialogue Writing

    4th 9 Weeks:
    1.  Prepositions/ Prepositional Phrases/ Objects of Prepositions
    2.  Interjections